T Steakhouse Review

by Frayda
charcuterie board at T Steakhouse

T Steakhouse (formerly T Fusion) is a meat restaurant located just south of Flatbush, in Marine Park. This review was written in February of 2022. 

Where  is T Steakhouse located?

t steakhouse exterior

T Steakhouse Steakhouse is located at 3223 Quentin Rd, at the corner of E 33rd St.

If you drive, there are usually parking spaces on Quentin (metered parking), or you can find a free space in the surrounding residential streets.

If you are taking a bus, the B2 stops at Ave R, which is just one block over. 

Sadly, T Steakhouse is in a subway-desert; the closest lines are the B and Q, which stops at King’s Highway, or the 2, which stops at Brooklyn College. 

(Time to petition for better public transport across Brooklyn? I think so!)

What time is T Steakhouse open?

The steakhouse is open from 5PM to 11PM, Sunday through Thursday, and is closed on Fridays. The restaurant is open on Saturday nights for the winter season. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

Although you can just show up, I’d recommend reserving a table in advance to be guaranteed a space. If you don’t, you’ll certainly have to wait, and you may not get a table. You can make a reservation by calling the restaurant, or online. 

Do they deliver?

steak with roasted vegetables at t fusion

You can order from the Steakhouse for delivery through Seamless, or call the restaurant for local deliveries. 

What is the vibe at T Steakhouse?

T Steakhouse is an upscale steakhouse, exactly like the one you went to as a kid. Solid wooden tables with crisp white tablecloths, wait-staff dressed with starched bowties, simple white china and elegant crystal drinking glasses. 

The space is cozy, and feels, somehow, exactly like a fancy dining room at a bed-and-breakfast in Vermont. The music is low, the lights are high, the service is fast and the food is great. What more could you ask for?

What kind of food do they serve at T Steakhouse?

T Steakhouse has a simple menu that is familiar and delicious. There are classic starters- Chicken Soup, BBQ ribs

pesto gnocchi with steak ontop at t steakhouse

Duck Poutine. 

If you have never had duck before, this is a great dish to try, because it is amazing. A layer of roasted potatoes with tons of flavor, shredded duck and a boat-load of thick gravy. And a fried egg on top. I didn’t really get the egg until I tasted it- who puts egg on top of poutine? But then I tasted it, and just… wow. 


Basically the best dish in the house. 

Charcuterie Board.

Although this is a much-loved staple on the menu, it is subject to some very slight change over the course of time- fresher and more interesting items replace old items frequently. So even if you’ve already tasted the Charcuterie Board at T Steakhouse, order it again. One thing is certain- 6 different kinds of meats (at least), all of them absolutely incredible. 

Steak Gnocchi.

Tiny potato pasta balls, smothered in a delectable green pesto sauce, and topped with perfectly-done slices of steak. Plus a micro-greens garnish. This is a work of art. It’s also bursting with flavor, and surprisingly filling for an appetizer dish. 10/10 would recommend. 

What else is on the menu?

  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Appetizers
  • Mains
  • Steaks
  • Sides
  • Desserts
  • Drinks

What is the best dish at T Steakhouse?

korean style steak with grilling crosshatch pattern

Steak, steak, steak, steak or steak. Depending on the day, T Steakhouse has different cuts and sizes available as specials, and they are all amazing! Be sure to specify exactly how you like your meat done (I’m a medium-rare, hot-through, kinda girl, myself), and they shall deliver. We got it with a side of fries, and it was sublime. Seriously. Best steak ever. 

How do I go off-menu at T Steakhouse?

Ask about the specials! I know I say (write) this a lot, but upscale restaurants (as opposed to fast-food places) select ingredients based on season, quality and freshness- and then incorporate that food into some of their dishes, usually just for that day. That means you may have the chance to try something that you’ll never get again, because it is not officially on the menu! 

What is the service like?

The service at T Steakhouse was great. The food came fast, and in order (apps first, then mains, then dessert), and was piping hot. The waiter brought over extra napkins for a minor spill without being asked, and refilled our waters between courses so he wouldn’t bother us while we were enjoying our food. 

One slight inconvenience was (and some will write this off as typical New York customer service) trying to make the reservation. I called the day before, and the phone call was… unpleasant. Frustrating. Made me wonder if we should just choose another place to go to. 

We decided to stick with the steakhouse though, and I am so glad we did. Aside from that little blip, it was a wonderful, and mouth-wateringly delicious adventure. (T Steakhouse, if you are reading this, you might consider training whoever answers the phone. Just saying.)

What Hashgacha are they under?

dairy-free milkshake at t steakhouse

T Steakhouse is under the Kosher supervision of Rabbi Yisroel Gornish of Congregation Chizuk Haddas. The restaurant is under constant Kosher supervision. All breads are Yoshon, and a variety of meat Hashgacha are available on request. All wines are Mevushal. 

Does the Steakhouse serve drinks?

They sure do! As well as a wine cellar with over 150 different varieties of Kosher wine, T Steakhouse is known for their excellent selection of cocktails. They have all the classics- Mojitos, Cosmos, Margaritas, Martinis and more, plus some house creations. 

We went with wines recommended to us by the waiter, but next time we go (and there will definitely be a next time!) we’ll probably try the drinks. T are also the creators of a decedent Vanilla Milkshake- that is completely vegan. We didn’t try it, but it is touted online as tasting completely authentically dairy. 

Are there vegan/ vegetarian options on the menu?

Yes, but please remember that T Steakhouse is a steakhouse, so the options are limited. You can try a vegan Salad (options vary, but usually include Cesar Salad, Beets Salad and Mushroom/Spinach Salad), or a vegetarian Salmon, which is served with rice and grilled vegetables. 

Is T Steakhouse kid-friendly?

interior photo of t steakhouse

Short answer: no. 

If you have read other articles at Kosher Cactus, you’ll know that I am not a fan of people bringing little kids to a steakhouse (this is coming from a mom of little kids, by the way). 

Long Answer: Also no. 

Is the Steakhouse wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the steakhouse is wheelchair-friendly. There is upstairs dining as well, so be sure to confirm that your reservation has seats in an accessible place. 

Does T Steakhouse serve desserts?

Yes, churros. Also other things, but get the churros, because OMG. They are amazing. 5 neat rows of delicious crispy fried dough, plus 3 dipping sauces, all straight from the fire… amazing. 

churros with dipping sauce a t steakhouse

Final Thoughts

T Steakhouse was great. For a quick night out, it was delicious, with a great selection of food options. The food mostly stayed within the realms of comfort food, which was so lovely. For our supper for 2, which included apps, drinks, mains, desserts and a soup that we shared, we paid just over $300. And yes, we will go back. 

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