Bass & Bourbon Review

by Frayda
sea bass with egyptian rice and grilled mushrooms at bass & bourbon

Bass & Bourbon is a dairy restaurant, located in Brooklyn. The Kosher Cactus visited in February of 2022. This review was written in February of 2022. 

Where  is Bass & Bourbon located?

Bass & Bourbon exterior from street

Bass & Bourbon is located at 113 Hamilton Ave, in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

It sits just where Hamilton meets Woodhull, on the corner of Columbia St. 

Parking in the area is a typical New York nightmare, and unfortunately, the local public transport is not great either. If you take the F or G lines to Red Hook, the closest station is at Carroll Street, about 15 minutes away. 

I think the simplest option would be to get a car service to and from the restaurant, which eliminates the need for parking. An added perk is being able to sample the restaurant’s incredible house cocktails, as soon as they get their liquor license. 

What time is Bass & Bourbon open?

The restaurant is open from 5PM- 10:30PM, Sunday through Thursday. They are closed on Fridays, and open for the winter season on Saturday nights. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

potato leek ravioli at bass & bourbon, Brooklyn
Sweet Leek Ravioli

Yes! The restaurant is new, and very popular already! The restaurant doesn’t seem to have a business website yet, but you can call them directly to make a reservation. 

I’d try to call after 2:30PM to make a reservation for that evening. 

Do they deliver?

Bass & Bourbon currently do not deliver, but it is early days yet- I’m sure they will incorporate delivery as the restaurant settles into a firm menu and routine. 

What is the vibe at Bass & Bourbon?

bass and bourbon restaurant inside seating empty

Gorgeous. Modern. Elegant. 

The restaurant is set on the corner plot between Hamilton Avenue and Woodhull St, and retains the warehouse feeling even after major renovations. It has towering high ceilings, enormous windows, a dark marble floor and huge pendant drop lights. 

Bass & Bourbon also has a party room upstairs, which is visible from the main seating area, but it is completely enclosed and (I am told) soundproofed. There’s a catwalk platform on one side of the main dining room which has even more seating, and even more seating available on the roof. Yes, you can sit outside in cold weather. The owners have engineered gorgeous little enclosed cupolas, complete with lighting, tables and chairs. 

Ok, I know I am going on and on, but the sheer capacity of the restaurant is pretty amazing for a Kosher place, even by New York standards. All told, Bass & Bourbon could probably hold an event for close to 500 people- or maybe more. 

Eggplant parmesan from Bass & Bourbon
Eggplant Parm

They are a dairy restaurant, so Bass & Bourbon serve dairy and fish dishes. The dishes are familiar, but incorporate small exotic and flavorful finishing touches- comfy and delicious, with a tiny tasteful surprise. 

What is on the menu at Bass & Bourbon?

These are a few of the items that we ordered:


These were everything you expect from French Fries, and nothing you don’t. Well done, crispy and overall good taste. No complaints at all. 

Breaded Cauliflower. 

Breaded, fried, and doused in a fantastic shaved parmesan aioli spinach sauce. The dish is topped with shaved parmesan (delicious!) and my only complaint is that it was a smaller serving than I wanted it to be… but that might be because we finished it so fast. 

Eggplant Parmesan. 

Absolutely spot-on. Breaded eggplant, cooked to a great crip, and an incredible tomato-based polenta sauce. Shaved parmesan throughout- what’s not to love? It was served in a wide, shallow bowl, which, although un-traditional for eggplant parm- was actually surprisingly easy to eat. I don’t know why, but it made a difference.  

Potato Leek Ravioli. 

This dish was a great twist on classic sweet potato ravioli, incorporating a few different flavors that blended together so appealingly. The ravioli sat in a bed of polenta-and-mushroom white sauce, and had a pesto, leek and chestnut filling. 

Gremolata Sea Bass.

sea bass with egyptian rice and grilled mushrooms at bass & bourbon

This was an absolute winner.  Gently pan fried until perfectly done, with an incredible marinade of lemon and fresh spices. The bass is put on a bed of al dente Egyptian rice, tiny grilled button mushrooms, and drizzles with a perfect jalapeno and artichoke salsa. The plate is garnished with beautiful microgreens, and every bite is heavenly. 10/10 would recommend. 

Classic Pizza. 

Personal pizza, made in a some-what deep dish style, and covered with incredible house marinara and mozzarella cheese. This dish was probably the most ‘classic’ (as the name implies), but it was both flavorful and comforting. Crispy around the edges, perfect amount of cheese, well-done on the bottom… overall really delicious. 

How do I go off-menu at Bass & Bourbon?

Sorry to be a broken record (have you read any of my other articles?), but ask about the specials! Especially for a restaurant that specializes in fish dishes, the special of the day usually incorporates the freshest catch of the day, and a seasonal vegetable. The special is a way for the chef to really wow you without the confines of a standard menu. 

What is the service like?

classic pizza at Bass & Bourbon, brooklyn

The service was impeccable. This was honestly the best part of the evening, and the food was outstanding, so that should give you an idea of our experience. 

First, the maitre de’ switched us to a larger table to keep us comfortable, even though it was just the two of us eating. 

Our waitress was extremely attentive and knew the menu inside and out. She was accommodating, allowing me to customize my coffee to my liking. 

The staff overall were helpful and friendly, and came past a few times to check on our plates, water, and overall happiness. 

Seriously- 5 star service. 

What Hashgacha are they under?

french fries from bass & Bourbon

Bass & Bourbon is under the Kosher supervision of Tartikov, certified by Rabbi Yechiel Babad. All dairy is Chalav Yisrael, and all bread is Pas Yisrael. 

Does Bass & Bourbon serve drinks?

Yes, the restaurant serves drinks. As well as the standard juices, coffees, teas and sodas, Bass & Bourbon is planning on having a full bar with liquors, beers, cocktails and wines. They do not have an alcohol license yet, but it is in the works. 

For now, you can order from their selection of mocktails, milkshakes and smoothies. They also serve Sachlav! If you have not tasted it yet, the manager at Bass & Bourbon assured me that theirs is the place to try it for the first time. This Israeli drink is made with thickened milk, shaved coconut and rose water, and is hot and wonderful. 

Are there vegan/ vegetarian options on the menu?

Because Bass & Bourbon is a dairy restaurant, all the menu items are vegetarian. If you are looking for something specifically vegan, there is not really anything on the menu- yet!- but you can try to order almost anything without the cheese 

Is Bass & Bourbon kid-friendly?

stuffed breaded mushrooms at bass & bourbon

Although you could bring along kids, the vibe of the restaurant- and the menu options- are not specifically kid-friendly. If you’re going to bring kids along regardless though, there are definitely a few things on the menu kids might like. 

There are baby changing tables in the restaurant!! Sorry, but as a mom myself, that is a huge gamechanger. And although they did not have high chairs for kids when we visited, the manager assured us that they will be arriving within the week. 

Is Bass & Bourbon wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the restaurant is completely accessible. Not only the main dining area- the catwalk and private party room, as well as the rooftop, are all accessible via an elevator on the far side of the restaurant.

Does Bass & Bourbon serve desserts?

dessert tray at Bass & Bourbon with dulce de leche pie, cream cheese and mocha lava cake
Bass & Bourbon’s Dessert Platter

The desserts at Bass & Bourbon are an absolute must. We ordered a Dulce de Leche Mousse Cake and a Strawberry Peanut Butter Cheesecake. The Dulce de Leche Cake was my favorite. It was creamy and sweet, but not too rich. The portion was very big- we could have split our dessert, but we just brought the leftovers home. 

The Strawberry Peanut Butter Cheesecake was a little too cold. It was served frozen, and although the taste was amazing, the cold texture was not my friend. Maybe in the summertime?

Final Thoughts

For a night out at a brand new restaurant, Bass & Bourbon was an incredible experience to remember.
Although there were a few minor opening-night blips, the staff stayed cool, and the overall vibe stayed positive. We had a fantastic time.

Our total bill, covering dinner for 2, was just over $250. Between drinks, apps and mains, it worked out to be very, very well priced. And- need I say it? – we will for sure be going back.

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