Mensch Bakery Review

by Frayda
babka twists with cheese filling and blueberry filling

Mensch Bakery is a dairy cafe and bakery located in Los Angeles. This review was written in June 2022.

Where  is Mensch Bakery located?

Mensch Bakery is located at 7122 Beverly Blvd, between La Brea and N Detroit Street. 

You can get to Mensch with the B14 bus, or you can take advantage of the street parking around the bakery. Just be aware that parking directly on Beverly does cost, depending on the time. 

What time is Mensch Bakery open?

The bakery is open from 7AM to 4PM, Monday through Thursday, and 7AM to 2PM on Fridays. They are closed on Saturdays. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

toasted bread sandwich with roasted vegetables and feta cheese

No reservations needed- this bakery is walk-in only. 

Do they deliver?

Yes, Mensch Bakery can deliver. They also have a select menu for catering events, and the range is fairly large; they can do major life events, or a small family brunch. 

To order from their standard menu online, you can search through most major delivery services: UberEats, Seamless and GrubHub. 

What is the vibe at Mensch Bakery?

blueberry danish pastry at mensch bakery

The bakery is actually a cafe with seating options for up to 30, including some outdoor options. The space is beautiful and open, with bright sunlight streaming in through huge windows- in a way that only an LA restaurant can have. The space is cutesy, with white and black furniture, wooden decor and mint-green accents. Don’t let that distract you though- the real showstopper at Mensch is the bread. 

Bread. Cake. Pastries. Tarts. Baguettes. Pies. Rolls. Everything baked that your pretty little mind can dream up. 

Also: incredible brunch fare. Like salads, eggs, sandwiches and soups. The food is all wholesome, mostly healthy, and absolutely delicious. 

What is on the menu at Mensch Bakery?

whole wheat sandwich with egg and vegetables

Avocado Toast.

How can you visit LA and not get this? Mensch does an incredible job of it; this was the best avocado toast I’ve ever eaten. Two thick slices of house-bread (you can choose which bread), sliced or mashed avocado, generously portioned. They’ll make two eggs, any style, to put on top of one slice. The other slice gets a big helping of feta cheese and herbs. AND it comes with a side serving of fresh salad. Brunch for the win. 

Grilled Cheese. 

Exactly as it sounds, only better, because this nostalgic dish comes with a side of tomato soup. Perfect for a slightly crisp morning (let’s get real: it’s never too cold in LA) in the winter. The best part about this dish is that when you crack open the sourdough sandwich, you get the best cheese pull ever

Smoked Salmon and Spinach Quiche.

 These are not made every day, and when they are, they go fast. Grab one, because they are amazing. A little salty from the smoked salmon, but the taste is undercut by the tartlet base, which has a basic umami flavor, and brings balance to the overall dish. This quiche is mini- about 6 inches across- but it’s the perfect sized breakfast dish for one. (I totally made up the size, but it is smaller than a 10 inch cheesecake, and it’s bigger than the little tart desserts that they offer. So 6 seems like a good number.)

mushroom penne pasta with green veg and sandwiches

Penne Pasta

This dish is surprisingly good. Especially for a bakery that moonlights as a cafe. Choice of sauce (we got alfredo), and choice of vegetable to sautee in (we chose mushroom and onions). Large portion, incredible sauce, really filling, and overall a really solid option. 

Pear Almond Tart.

This is delicious. It is a mini tart, with half a pear sliced directly into it. Syrup glazed, sprinkled with almond slices and just stunning. Pictures cannot do it justice, because they will not come close to showing you how off-the-charts delicious this dessert is. It tastes like a pear married an almond and this is their wedding. 

What else is on the menu?

  • Breakfast Eggs
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Morning Fun
  • Soup / Pizza / Quiche
  • Entrees 
  • Drinks
  • Baked Goods

What is the best dish at Mensch Bakery?

full spread of cafe foods mensch bakery LA

Ask the staff what is the freshest item at the bakery, and then buy 11 of that. 

But for real, the best item (consistently!) is the bread. People drive from all over LA to get bread from Mensch, and it is absolutely worth all the hype. Baked fresh every day, and so good you could eat an entire loaf in one sitting. 

What is the service like?

Mensch does not have table-side service- you can choose a seat after you make an order at the counter. We did visit at an off-peak time- between 2 and 3PM. It was too late for the lunch crowd, and far too early for supper. That being said, the service when we last visited was amazing. We ordered and waited less than 10 minutes for our food to arrive. 

I’m told that at peak-hours the bakery can get very hectic, and wait times are longer, so I’d take that into consideration when planning my next visit. I guess we got very lucky. 

What Hashgacha are they under?

shakshuka with egg yolks and herbs in pan

Mensch Bakery is under the Kosher supervision of the OK. All dairy items are Chalav Yisroel, all baked items are Pas Yisroel. 

Does Mensch Bakery serve drinks?

The cafe has great coffee and really good milkshakes. I’d recommend a hazelnut frappe, which is blended with ice. If you’re looking for an extra boost, ask them to put in a double shot of espresso. 

Mensch Bakery does not serve alcoholic beverages. 

Are there vegan/ vegetarian options on the menu?

babka muffin with chocolate

Because Mensch is a Kosher dairy restaurant, everything is vegetarian. The bakery does have a few vegan options, too. You can try the Avocado Toast (see above) sans egg, or the Mediterranean sandwich, which has roasted veggies on whole wheat bread.  

Is Mensch Bakery kid-friendly?

They sure are! If you can’t find one when you walk in, ask a server to help you locate an infant high-chair. There are also plenty of baby-friendly items on the cafe menu, like the Pancakes, which are served with fresh fruit. And when in doubt… cookies! 

Is Mensch Bakery wheelchair accessible?

coffee with pancakes ice cream strawberries and blueberries

Yes, the bakery is wheelchair accessible, and there is an accessible restroom on site. 

Does Mensch Bakery serve desserts?

It’s a bakery. Everything is dessert. If you want a specific recommendation, get a fruit tart. Specifically the blueberry. Because, O.M.G. It will change you forever. 

Final Thoughts

hand pies with pear and almonds dessert

I’ve visited Mensch Bakery a few times. Every time I am in LA, I make a point of going there, and every single time I am impressed. The food is fresh and plentiful, the ambience is gorgeous, and the price is reasonable- especially for the portion sizes. 

For our breakfast of four, which included a main dish, a drink and a pastry for dessert, we each chipped in $38. 

And obviously, I got some fresh bread to take home with me. 

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