Fish Grill, La Brea Reviewed

by Frayda
fish grill LA fish kebabs with grilled veg and salad underneath

Fish Grill is a kosher fish-n-chips franchise with four locations in the USA. This article is about the Fish Grill restaurant located in La Brea, Los Angeles. The Kosher Cactus visited in May of 2021. This review was written in November of 2021. 

Where  is Fish Grill located?

fish grill la brea

Fish Grill is located at 7226 Beverly Blvd, in Los Angeles between Alta Vista Blvd and Formosa Avenue.

Parking may be hard to come by on Beverly, but if you look at the surrounding streets, there are usually open spaces. 

If you are taking a bust, the 212 and 786 lines stop at Beverly and La Brea, about 2 minutes (walking) from Fish Grill. Or you can take the 14 line, which has multiple stops on La Brea, right near the restaurant. 

What time is Fish Grill open?

The restaurant is open from 11AM to 9PM, Sundays through Thursdays, and on Fridays from 11AM to 2:30PM. They are closed on Saturdays. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

salmon fillet with angel hair pasta
Angel Pasta, plus a salmon fillet

Fish Grill is more of a diner than a fine-dining restaurant, so no need to make a reservation. Although the house is almost always full- the food is just that good!- the turnover is pretty fast, so you won’t have to wait too long. 

Do they deliver?

Yes, Fish Grill delivers. You can order via their website, for local delivery. For deliveries further away, you can order via GrubHub or Uber Eats. 

What is the vibe?

Fish Grill is a diner-style restaurant. You can make an order at the counter, and pay at the same time. When your ticket number is called, you can collect your food- neatly arranged on a plastic plate- and choose a table in the bustling dining area. 

The entire restaurant is decorated slightly incongruously, in my opinion, like a fishing shack in the caribbean. The half-indoor, half-outdoor seating is protected by a flimsy metal roof, and fake fish ornaments adorn the walls. The space is a little at odds with its environment- just 5 minutes from the Grove, and close to some of the wealthiest properties in these United States. But- don’t let that fool you. The food is out of this world. Seriously. 

What kind of food do they serve?

fish and chips with lemon
Fish and Chips

Although Fish Grill is a typical fish-n-chip shop, there are so many other items on the menu. 

All of the fish options are incredibly fresh, and perfectly made. Although the food is plated on disposable dishes, don’t let that scare you off- it is world-class food. Besides for the fish, other options include pastas, wraps, and sandwiches. 

All of the main dishes on the menu come with a choice of two sides: coleslaw, green salad, Israeli salad, rice pilaf, brown rice, baked potatoes or fries. There are also Curly fries and sweet potato fries available.

The nice thing about Fish Grill is that you can add extra fish to any dish for a fairly reasonable price. 

What is on the menu at Fish Grill?

These are some of the things that we ordered, and loved: 

Grilled Fish Tacos.

Arguably the best item on the menu, these are made with gently charred, soft corn tortilla shells, and folded in half over succulent grilled whitefish, a crisp tomato and cabbage salad, and fresh herbs. The entire taco is drizzled with Special Sauce, which is one of Fish Grill’s claims to fame: if they bottled it, they could sell it for thousands.

The Tacos exceeded my (already high) expectations. They were piping hot, and each bite was exactly the right combinations of hot, tart, sweet and savory.

fish tacos with coleslaw and tomatoes
Grilled Fish Tacos

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips, in my opinion, is the perfect way to test the freshness and care-for-cuisine of any restaurant. LA’s Fish Grill aced the freshness test, and then some. The Fish is breaded, and fried to a crispy golden perfection, and is served on a giant pile on french fries, with a little tub of coleslaw on the side.

It’s hot and fresh, but more importantly- there is exactly enough fish to measure up to the coleslaw and fries. You may think it trivial, but that is actually a very important detail: even if the fish is done perfectly (and it was), or is exactly the right temperature (again, yes) … Without something to eat it with, it gets boring fast.

The Fish and Chips at Fish Grill, I am happy to report, was anything but boring.

Angel Pasta

Wispy strands of angel-hair pasta, cooked al dente, and tossed with a tomato and garlic confit and topped with fresh basil. You can order this with a salmon fillet on top, but its a masterpiece on its own, as well. People who frequent Fish Grill often say that this dish is the one most worth the money, and for a place that is fantastic and inexpensive, that is a real compliment.

Sweet Potato Fries

Ok, this is a side, and one that is available with almost every main dish, but you should make sure to include it with your order. Because it’s delicious. And honestly, sweet potato fries are the best fries ever.

Mesquite Skewers (W)

These skewers are incredible. Small cubes of fish, interspersed with red onion, tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. The skewers are doused in a savory sauce, and put on the grill until they are just, just done, and dripping with flavor. This is a great dish to get with plain brown rice, because the sauce and the drippings on this make for a pretty amazing dressing.

The (W) is for wild, because this dish features wild-caught fish.

angel hair pasta with tomato garlic fresh basil
Angel Pasta

What else is on the menu?

  • Mesquite Grilled Specialties
  • Deep Fried Favorites
  • Salads
  • Wraps
  • Pastas
  • Tacos
  • Sandwiches
  • Sides
  • Drinks

How do I go off-menu at Fish Grill?

Ask about the special of the day! This is such a common refrain of mine (have you read our other reviews? Go read them!) but it is especially true at Fish Grill. As a fish restaurant, the best item on the menu usually comes from the fresh catch of the day- so be sure to ask what they have available!

What is the service like?

When we visited, the service was great. There is no tableside service; as I mentioned before, you can place your order at the counter. Although common courtesy requests that people dispose of their trash, the wait staff were very efficient at getting the tables and chairs wiped down for new customers. 

The food also came out very quickly after we had ordered it- we waited less than 10 minutes for all our dishes to be ready. There was also a line ahead of us when we arrived, but they were all processed through ordering quickly. Overall, we waited about 18 minutes from when we entered until we sat down with our food. That is pretty impressive. 

fish skewers with vegetables
Skewers for days

What Hashgacha are they under?

Fish Grill is under the Kosher supervision of  the OU.

Does Fish Grill serve drinks?

Although not of the alcoholic variety, the restaurant does serve sodas, water, and Snapples. You can also order a coffee, tea or iced tea. 

Are there vegan/ vegetarian options on the menu?

Because Fish Grill is certified Kosher-  parve, the entire menu does not contain any meat or dairy items. There are also some vegan items available. I’d recommend the Penne Pasta, which is tossed with a house-marinara sauce, and includes toasted eggplant, tomatoes, onion and corn. 

dining area at Fish Grill
Inside, outside: Fish Grill’s dining room

Is Fish Grill kid-friendly?

They sure are! First of all, fish sticks and chips is what most kids would love to eat… and this is a restaurant that earns it’s bread and butter with fish sticks. There is also a specifically child-oriented option (Fish and Chips Jr.) that comes without the comprehensive dips and sauces, and in a child-friendly portion. 

Yes, Fish Grill has high chairs available.

Is Fish Grill wheelchair accessible?

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. If you are having trouble navigating through the dining room to sit outside, the outdoor seating is accessible via Beverly Blvd- just steps away from the main entrance. 

Does Fish Grill serve desserts?

For the last however-many years (since they opened, I am sure) Fish Grill has had only one option on the dessert menu. A Giant Cookie. Take it or leave it. 

I may have failed you, dear reader, for alas- we left it. Rumor has it that its a pretty big, and perfectly sweet, house-made cookie. 

Final Thoughts

Fish Grill is the best place to go for a late-night bite in Los Angeles. And I say this with full confidence, despite the almost 300 Kosher dining options available in LA county. The service is fast, the food is off-the-charts incredible, and the price is fantastic. For our visit that included 2 waters, tacos, and 2 mains, we paid just $61. Not bad at all, for a late-night bite. 

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