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by Frayda
mozzarella crown heights pasta dish

Mozzarella Crown Heights is a dairy brunch, lunch and dinner restaurant. Mozzarella has dine-in and take-out options, and also offers catering for any sized event. The Kosher Cactus visited and reviewed Mozzarella in May of 2021.

Where is Mozzarella located? What is the best way to get there?

Outdoor Seating at Mozzarella Crown Heights

Mozzarella is located at 265 Troy Avenue, between Lincoln and St. Johns Place, in Crown Heights. You can recognize it by the rich blue awning above the storefront. 

Mozzarella is about 8 minutes, walking, from the 3 and 4 Utica Ave. subway station. It is also conveniently located near Kingston Avenue, home of Jewish Things In Crown Heights. 

Parking on Troy Avenue is a nightmare, so we took an Uber, but you can occasionally find a space on Lincoln, closer to Albany Ave, or even on Eastern Parkway. Especially if the weather is nice, the walk is not too bad, and the streets are fairly well-lit. 

Mozzarella is open from 11AM-10PM every day, is closed on Fridays, and is open from about 7PM-10PM on Saturdays (changes seasonally). 

You can order from Mozzarella online at Jmenu, UberEats or Doordash. 

Do I need to dress up fancy to visit?

Mozzarella is not a fine-dining restaurant, so no need to dress up. Most of the patrons were wearing smart-casual, with the occasional jeans here and there. 

The outdoor area in the back is very well warmed, even in the winter (and it can get pretty cold in New York), so no need to bring along your heavy coat, even if you plan on staying outside. 

They actually (pretty cleverly, in my opinion) had a coat rack to hang up coats, right at the entrance of the restaurant. 

What type of food do they serve?

Lox and feta cheese pizza in woodfire oven at Mozzarella Crown Heights
Don’t knock it till you try it- Lox and Feta Pizza

Mozzarella serves healthy comfort food. Think: Upscale Brunch, all day long.  They have a wide variety of fresh salads, gourmet shakshuka, delicious sandwiches and mouth-watering pastas. 

Most of the food is Mediteranian style, with plenty of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. And yes, they have alcoholic drinks. 

What is on the Menu at Mozzarella?

Chilean Sea Bass. It comes to Mozzarella whole, and filleted and boned on-site. The chef marinates the fish overnight with all the fresh herbs you can imagine (even mint!). Then, when you order it, it is seared on demand. 

Flaky and buttery inside, crisp outside and served with fresh salad… It tastes like vacation on a far-away Italian beach. (According to the Chef, and it’s his favorite thing on the menu.)

Also: they had to remove it from the menu due to Covid shortages, but you can special order Stuffed Artichoke if you call ahead. It’s pricey, but worth every delicious bite!

What else is on the menu?

  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Fish
  • Soup
  • Pizzas
  • Pastas
  • Desserts
  • Cold Drinks
  • Hot Drinks

What is the best dish at Mozzarella?

chocolate mocha coffee with whipped cream at Mozzarella, Crown Heights
A tower of house-made whipped cream absolutely makes this drink

According to every person I asked, ever, the best appetizer at Mozzarella is Crispy Breaded Mushrooms. 

They are button mushrooms, pan fried and coated with house pesto and sweet chili. We ordered a serving for the table, finished them, and promptly ordered some more.

Another favorite is the Smoked Salmon Pizza. It sounds odd, I know, but there’s just something about the salty fish and the sweet mozzarella that works so, so well together. The thin crust underneath, the house tomato sauce on top… It’s mind blowing. 

There are cigar rolls on the menu as well, which are the fastest-selling item on the menu, I am told. I haven’t tasted it yet, but I intend on returning!

What is the Hashgacha at Mozzarella?

Mozzarella is under the Kosher supervision of the Beis Din of Crown Heights. 

All the food served is Cholov Yisroel, Kemach Yoshon and Pas Yisroel. All wine is Mevushal. 

Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Mozzarella is wheelchair and stroller accessible. The doorways are wide and  there are no steps to get into the restaurant.  

Getting to the outdoor room is easy as well- there is a mini ramp. The bathrooms are wide and family friendly, too. 

pasta with zuccini, spinach and parmesean at Mozzarella Crown Heights
Mozzarella’s Pasta dishes are an explosion of flavor

Is Mozzarella kid-friendly?

Mozzarella has plenty of high-chairs available, and lots of space for strollers. 

Mozzarella also has menu options for kids: mac and cheese, and plain penne. You can also special order items without any specific ingredients. 

Does Mozzarella serve drinks?

Mozzarella has a full alcohol licence. You can request a drinks menu if they didn’t automatically give you one. The cafe has a full selection of wines and cocktails, as well as house specials. 

Any standard drink that is not on the menu can be requested- but if you don’t try their own drinks you are really missing out. 

Does Mozzarella have non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, Mozzarella has non-alcoholic drinks! I got the Crushed Ice Limonana, which is lemonade made with real crushed mint leaves. 

The Lotus Shake is also a real party: a vanilla milkshake topped with house-made whipped cream, biscotti sauce and lotus cookie crumble. It’s huge, sweet and a confection worthy of Instagram. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

You can just show up, but you do run the risk of not enough space. You can call 917-633-6770 to make a reservation. If you are going during peak hours (12-2:30, 5:30-9) definitely call ahead. 

Does the menu have vegetarian options?

Breakfast Special at Mozzarella Crown Heights with scrambled egg, Israeli salad and potato wedges
At Mozzarella, you can order The Breakfast Special till 3PM

Yes! The menu at Mozzarella is fully vegetarian. 

There are some vegan options- I’d personally recommend the Kale Salad, dressing on the side so you can season to your taste- but most of the main dishes do contain cheese or fish. You can ask them to make any of the salads without cheese. 

How is Mozzarella dealing with COVID-19?

As of March 2021, Mozzarella is following New York City’s mandated COVID-19 laws: all servers are wearing masks, tables are at half-capacity, and you must wear a mask until you are seated at your table. 

You should make a reservation in advance, especially if you are visiting during lunch or dinner hours. 

Final Thoughts:

Mozzarella makes for an amazing night out with some friends. With a table full of appetizers to share, drinks for each of us, and a giant dessert platter, our bill (combined) was just $212. 

The ambiance was excellent, and having incredible brunch-fare at supper time was both fresh and delicious.

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