Grüit Review

by Frayda
rugelach smores dessert at Gruit, Brooklyn

Grüit (pronounced grew-it) is a beer garden and eatery in Brooklyn. The Kosher Cactus visited Gruit in March of 2021. This review was written in May of 2021.

Where is Grüit located? What is the best way to get there?

Grüit Beer Garden and Eatery red and yellow awning exterior
Grüit Beer Garden + Eatery, Brooklyn

Grüit is located at 252 Empire Blvd, on the corner of Roger’s Avenue. It is just 1 block from the Sterling St 2 and 5 trains, and almost right outside the B43 bus stop. 

From the street, you can see Grüits distinctive yellow and blue mini-awning and the tall wooden fence that hides the outdoor eating area. 

Depending on the time of day, the subway or an uber may be your best mode of transport- especially if you plan on drinking. 

You can have Gruit delivered to you via UberEats, Postmates or Doordash.

Do I need to dress up fancy to visit?

Grüit has a very laid-back vibe. Every main dish on the menu has a recommended beer selection, and the easy drinking attitude extends to all aspects of the pub. The staff were friendly, and simply wanted everyone to be comfortable- if that means wearing jeans and sneakers, power to you. 

Also, the outdoor area has season-appropriate heating and cooling. So, no need for heavy coats and thin t-shirts. 

Basically, dress however you want. No pressure.

What type of food does Grüit serve?

burgers, meat pizza, salad, chicken poppers, pasta salad at Gruit Brooklyn
Food galore! Yes, Gruit has party options.

Grüit is a gastropub, so the food goes with the drinks. All the dishes are the kind of fare I’d expect to find at an old American deli, but all with a modern, surprisingly light twist. 

Instead of simple pretzels, at Grüit they serve a hot honey-mustard pretzel, coated liberally with Everything But The Bagel spice. Yes, we ordered 4. 

What is on the Menu?

The menu at Grüit is not long, which is how you know the food is good: they have absolutely perfected the items that they serve. There’s plenty of wholesome apps- you can order a table full of them and be done, if you want (we did).

They have incredible Veal Pizza- with cured veal, grilled red onion, arugula and a balsamic dressing; they have a Reuben Knish which is a mix of old and new flavours, in a delicious combination. 

What else is on the menu?

  • Apetizers
  • Sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Chicken/ Meat Mains
  • Salads
  • Sides
  • Desserts

What is the best dish at Grüit?

Fire Roasted Poppers. Do NOT get the sauce on the side, because it is so incredible served properly, it would be a sin to ruin it. Crispy, sticky, juicy on the inside, a flash of warmth as it goes down… I could eat these on repeat. 

Grilled Tuna, served with chickpeas and olives. This was mouthwatering, and shared around the table faster than anything else we ordered. The tuna was perfectly done (mostly rare, but steaming hot) and oh-so delicate. 

What is the Hashgacha at Grüit?

duck in beet sauce with roasted vegetables at Gruit, Brooklyn
Perfectly done duck in a beet reduction, with toasted veg on the side. Heaven.

Grüitis under the Kosher supervision of the OK.  All wine is Mevushal. 

Is Grüit wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Grüit is wheelchair accessible! There is also a wide restroom in the front (make sure to look for the correct one). 

Is Gruit kid-friendly?

Although a stroller could technically fit through, be aware that Grüit does not have high-chairs available. 

Grüit does not have specific menu items for kids. Because of the strong drinking menu, the restaurant is not really geared for children at all, to be honest. 

Do they serve drinks?

Yes, Grüit serves drinks! Some of the favorites include a Rose Mojito (I got that, promptly spilled it and was very graciously gifted a new one by the very kind waiter… thanks, man!) which is exactly as delicious as it sounds. 

Also Bourbon Cider (whole lotta yum) and G-T-G which is a gin and tonic with grapefruit juice- how clever! 

Grüit also has a large selection of artisinal beers and beers on tap. We chose 2 for the table to share. Although none of us are big beer drinkers, it was fun to experiment with the taste. If you’re not sure what to get, ask your server- they had some great ideas of what would pair well with the food we ordered.

You can also order a bottle of wine for the table, or wine by the glass. The full wine and spirits menu is only available in the restaurant, and is subject to change by season.

Does Grüit have non-alcoholic drinks?

Industry, an alcoholic drink at Gruit Brooklyn
Aptly named ‘Industry’ is alll the 5-o’clock vibes

Gruit has a small selection of sodas, sparkling waters and seltzers, and you can order virgin cocktails, but I’d really recommend the alcoholic drinks- they are really, really good. 

Does the menu have vegetarian options?

There are vegetarian menu options at Grüit. (Kasha Varnishkes!!!!! My childhood!!) All the salads and soups are made without meat, but are made in a meaty kitchen. You can ask in advance about allergy concerns if you call ahead. 

For the record, the fries are made in tallow, and most of the menu items do contain meat. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

Gruit Brooklyn indoor and outdoor seating
Gruit’s whimsical outdoor seating feels like an indoor space with a refreshing breeze

The staff at Grüit recommend making a reservation, especially if you want to visit during peak hours (5:30-9). You can call 347.846.0622 in advance to reserve, or with any specific menu requests. 

How is Grüit dealing with COVID-19?

As of March 2021, Grüiti is following New York City’s mandated COVID-19 laws: all servers are wearing masks, tables are at half-capacity, and you must wear a mask until you are seated at your table. 

You should make a reservation in advance, especially if you are visiting during lunch or dinner hours. 

Final Thoughts:

I visited Grüit with friends, and we split all the dishes ordered. We had initially gone for just drinks as a late-night party, but when we arrived we ended up ordering a lot more because all the menu options looked so appetizing! 

When we split the bill, it was about $44 per person, after about 10 dishes at the table, and a drink (or 2) each. The late night meant we closed the place, and the staff were incredibly gracious and helpful with our very late order. 

I’d love to go back for a real meal, and try some more things on the menu. 

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