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by Frayda
Abe's Corner taco options

Abe’s Corner is a Gastropub Sports Bar. It is a dinner restaurant, with take-out and catering options. We visited in January of 2021. This review was written in March, 2021.

Where is Abe’s Corner located? What is the best way to get there?

Abe's Corner features a wide-open bar
Abe’s Corner features a wide-open bar

Abe’s Corner is located at 670 Rogers Avenue, cnr. Clarkson. It is easily recognizable because of the murals of famous sports players outside, and the ‘Spread Brooklyn Love’ wall outside. If you are interested, the wall is a great place to take an instagram-worthy photo. 

When I spoke to the owner, Avremy Scheinfeld, he said, “We do have access to the parking lot across the street, on Rogers Ave. But if you can, a car service (Lyft or Uber)  is the way to go. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the drinks!”

Abe’s Corner is a 5 minute walk from the Winthrop St subway station (2 and 5 lines), and an 8 minute walk from Parkside Avenue station (Q line)

Abe’s is currently open from 5:00-10:00PM, every day, but is closed Fridays and Saturdays. 

You can order online through Jmenu, UberEats, or directly through 

Do I need to dress up fancy to visit?

Abe’s corner is chill. They are that sweet space right in between your favorite take-out and high-end dining. It’s fun, it’s easygoing, it’s delicious. What it is not is fancy. 

Some of the patrons were in jeans and t-shirts, but we did spy a couple on a date, and they were both dressed more formally- suit and tie for him, and a little black dress for her. Basically, anything goes. 

When we visited, I wore a casual dress. If you plan to sit outside, I’d recommend bringing a jacket- they do have heating, but it might be windy. 

What type of food does Abe’s Corner serve?

Abe’s corner is a gastropub. There’s great starters: some salads, Mini Tacos, chicken wings, french fries. If you remember to, when you call to make your reservation, ask for veggie fritters! They are not always on the menu, but with advanced warning they can make some for you. You will not regret it. 

They have fantastic mains: various rice bowls, some really incredible burgers and subs, and your not-so-average steak salad. 

Abe’s has a comprehensive drinks list. As well as regular cocktails, they have delicious house specials, and quite a few beer options. 

The dessert options are just two, (as of writing this article, anyway) but they are both delicious. 

What is the Menu at Abe’s Corner?

The menu at Abe’s is simple, but the dishes are new, fresh and modern. John Perez is the  chef extraordinaire who creates the dishes. 

Chef John puts his own spin on gourmet dishes. He made a latke for Chanukah, topped it with a hunk of shredded brisket and apple-slaw jalapeno salad. It’s the old favorite, all done-up. 

Another great dish is the French Fry Salad, complete with pickled green beans. It is a testament to the incredible mix of modern and vintage foods. We also ordered the Pulled Brisket Sandwich, which comes with an array of onions and an onslaught of good flavour. 

What else is on the menu?

  • Starters
  • Burgers
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Rice Bowls
  • Chicken Wings
  • Sandwiches
  • Tacos
  • Salads
  • Alcoholic Drinks
Toasted bun with arugula, 'cheese', caremelized onions, perfect burger and egg.
Toasted bun with arugula, ‘cheese’, caremelized onions, perfect burger and egg… perfection.

What is the best dish at Abe’s Corner?

The MOTY Burger. It has everything: duck confit, pickled red onion, a fried egg, onion jam, bourbon glaze and 8oz of prime meat. Avremy Schienfeld, the owner of Abe’s, told us that the MOTY Burger was named for his father Moty Scheinfeld, AH, who was a real foodie.

The MOTY Burger was really, really big. There’s a steak knife stuck into the center of the bun to hold all the components together, and it smells divine. You can order it with basically any sauce on the side, but it genuinely does not need anything more that what it comes with- this burger is a showstopper. 

In terms of side dishes, we sampled the Poppin Cauliflowers, made with an interesting combination of citrus, cajun spice and siracha. The combination of flavours is strangely perfect, addictive even, and rumour has it that this is the fastest moving item on the menu. 

We also tried brisket poutine, because you cannot not try it, and it was every bit as good as you could hope for it to be. Maybe (dare I say it?) even better than French-Canadian poutine.*

*Just so you know: poutine is a french-fry dish traditionally made with beef gravy and loaded with cheese. It’s not usually made Kosher, but Abe’s did a fan-tastic job of it. 

What is the Hashgacha at Abe’s Corner?

The restaurant is under the Kosher supervision of Rabbi Eliyahu Matusof. He’s just starting his own Hashgacha company but he’s been in the Kosher business for many years.

The restaurant does not bake bread or pastries on the premises, so Kemach Yoshon and Pas Yisroel are not an issue, and there is always someone around to supervise in the kitchen. The restaurant is strictly meat, so no Cholov Yisroel issues come up either.

All the meat and chicken are under Lubavitch shechita. All wine is Mevushal. 

Is Abe’s Corner wheelchair accessible?

The restaurant space is big and airy, with plenty of space to maneuver around. Abe’s Corner is definitely wheelchair accessible. The bathrooms are too. 

Is Abe’s Corner kid-friendly? 

Although technically you could get a stroller in, they don’t have a changing table or high chairs in the restaurant. Abe’s is catering specifically to an older (drinking-age) crowd, and honestly, there are not that many things on the menu that the average child would enjoy. 

There are a few raised tables inside, with taller bar stools around them, but advanced booking can ensure you are seated at the  table of your choice. 

Korean Rice Bowl at Abe's Corner
Korean Rice Bowl- with all the fixings

Do I need to make a reservation?

Short answer: yes, for now.

Long answer: Because of the lockout laws (New York City currently shuts down at 11PM), it is really important to make a reservation, for parties of any size. The table turnover cannot be as high if the restaurant closes early. The idea is to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19, but also means that if you show up without a reservation, and the tables are already full, it’s unlikely that you’ll be seated. 

So basically- call and make a reservation. Especially if you are coming with a party of 6+ and you don’t want to wait. 

Does the menu at Abe’s Corner have vegetarian options?

Here’s what’s cool about Abe’s: everything (and I mean everything) is adaptable. 

They can change the rice in your Rice Bowl to lettuce. They can switch out the guac in your Steak Tacos for cucumbers. They can give you a virgin cocktail- of any kind! Ask, and ye shall receive. You can bring your vegetarians, your vegans, your gluten-free, your sober and your allergies. 

And if you’re worried that they might not have whatever it is that you are after, just mention it when you make your reservation. And if you are really, really worried, you can always call a day or two before. 

Abe's Corner dishes are modern and delicious
Abe’s Corner dishes are modern and delicious

How is Abe’s Corner dealing with COVID-19?

As of March 2021, Abe’s Corner now has limited seating, so I’d recommend calling in advance to reserve a table. 

All our servers wore masks, and when you come in, you should wear one too, until you’re seated at your table. For now, there is limited seating indoors (and live-streaming games!) and tables outdoors. 

Final Thoughts:

Abe’s is great. It’s fun, the food was great and the ambiance was perfect for a quiet date night for an exhausted mom-and-dad-of-toddlers. 

Overall, we spent $133 on food and drinks, and we ordered a lot (4 starters, 2+ drinks and mains) to share between both of us. We had a great time, and I will definitely be going back- hopefully soon. 

And the evening ended with the greatest dessert ever: Caramel Apple Empanadas. Order them; you will not regret it. 

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