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by Frayda
personal pizza pie at spoons of Boro Park

Spoons is a dairy restaurant in Boro Park, Brooklyn. The Kosher Cactus visited Spoons in May of 2021. This review was written in July of 2021.

Just so you know, there is another Spoons location at Avenue J in Midwood/ Flatbush that is not the subject of this article. 

Where is Spoons located? What is the best way to get there?

Nondescript, but with a delicious interior: Spoons of Boro Park

Spoons is located at 5001 13th Avenue, on the corner of 50th St. It sits in the heart of Boro Park, directly across from Eichlers Judaica. 

You can drive to Spoons, but be warned that parking, especially during working hours, can be very hard to come by.

It would probably be easiest to take the subway- the D train stops at 12th and 49th, which is just a square block out of the way. 

You can also take a bus; the B11 stops just steps away on 50th St, and the B16 stops on 13 Ave. 

What time is Spoons open? Do they deliver?

Spoons is open from 8AM – 10PM Sunday to Thursday, 8AM – 2PM on Fridays, and is closed on Saturdays. 

You can order online for delivery at Although I looked for other options, Spoons does not seem to be with any major delivery apps.

If you call the restaurant to order, they also have local deliveries available. 

What is the vibe like?

tomato sauce pasta with extra cheese ontop
Pastas at Spoons are fresh and fast and scrumptious.

Spoons is a semi-casual cafe. You can wait to be seated in the large dining room in the back, or order to-go from the front counter. The sturdy, wooden tables are pre-set with cloth napkins wrapped around a cutlery set, and they’ll bring you iced water when you sit down. 

The menu is long. There is a lot on it, and you can switch and customize nearly every dish. I wish they would simplify it, because it can get a little overwhelming. 

Spoons Cafe technically has a separate breakfast menu, but most of the items overlap- and they can make you Belgian Waffles at 4PM, if you ask nicely. 

What is on the menu at Spoons?

breakfast special omelette  with olives and feta, salad and french fries with two dipping sauces
The Easiest Breakfast special in New York City- with delicious flavor

Spoons is a traditional Kosher Cafe, with Italian and Medditerranian influences. There are fresh pastas and pizzas, as well as soups, hot or cold sandwiches, and salads.  Some of my favorite things on the menu are:

Pumpkin Soup. (Or Butternut Squash Soup.) This is a tricky one, because it’s not always available. But do yourself a favor, and ask your waiter what the soup of the day is. If he says butternut or pumpkin, get one. This soup is rich, creamy and has a hint of spices inside. Especially when it is cold out, this is a real winner. 

Portobello Panini- a.k.a the greatest mushroom dish on the menu. This is toasted portobello, grilled red peppers, mozzarella cheese and a pesto dip, neatly fitted into 2 slices of rye. Then the whole sandwich is heated and pressed, creating the most incredible taste. The mushroom compliments the pesto, the cheese goes perfectly with the red peppers… The whole dish is a masterpiece. 

 Roasted Beet Salad. I really like it because it’s not the same typical salad that you see over and over again in cafes, but it still has a delicious, familiar taste. There are roasted, marinated beets, toasted almonds, feta cheese and chickpeas over a bed of lettuce. Despite being fairly simple, it packs a good deal of protein and flavor. Ask for the Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, and if you are eating in-house, make sure they toss it for you! 

(If you are ever worried that they will put in too much dressing, ask them to toss it with half the usual amount of dressing, and give you the rest on the side. This works at any restaurant.)

Three Cheese Omelette. All the omelettes come with a side of french fries and salad. I like to add spinach to this dish, and ask for baked potatoes instead of the fries. With three styles of cheese, this dish oozes goodness. 

What else is on the menu?

interior picture of inside spoons of boro park, indoor seating
Spoons dining room in the back of the restaurant. At lunchtime, this space is packed.
  • Appetizers
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Jumbo Omelette
  • Wraps / Sandwiches
  • Paninis
  • Sushi Rolls
  • Tempura Sushi Rolls
  • Mains / Fish
  • Pasta
  • Desserts
  • Hot Drinks
  • Cold Drinks

How do I go off-menu at Spoons?

This will change your life: 

Order Penne Pesto. (You can add black olives and spinach if you are feeling adventurous.) Then, ask them to add ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and extra parmesan cheese. Congratulations, you have ordered the best dish ever. You are so welcome. 

Um, hi, Spoons. If you are reading this, you can totally add it to your menu for free. Can you please call it The Cactus Pasta? (it’s even green!) K thaaanks. 

Is Spoons wheelchair accessible?

sunny side up eggs, potato fries, salad, toast, butter, coffee at spoons of Boro Park
Another take on the Breakfast Special- complete with toast and coffee

Yes, Spoons is wheelchair accessible.

They have a rather narrow walkway to get to the dining room in the back, but it is passable. There is also an accessible restroom between the front and the dining room. Again, a little tight, but manageable. 

Is Spoons kid-friendly? 

Spoons is kid-friendly.

As well as room for a stroller, there are also a few high chairs available. You may have to wait a few minutes till one becomes available, but the table turnover is fairly quick, so it should not be long.

Spoons also has some very kid-friendly options on the menu- French Fries, Mini Pizza (it’s under ‘Apps’), Mac-n-Cheese Balls and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Do they serve drinks?

cheesecake and vanilla ice cream with mocha sauce on top
Cheesecake and Ice Cream tastes as incredible as it looks

Do they EVER! Although Spoons does not serve alcohol, they more than make up for it with their extensive drinks menu. 

There are hot drinks, with the standard coffees, and a few more interesting options, like Vanilla Creme.

And there are a plethora of cold drinks. My favorites are Strawberry Vanilla Milkshakes (with whipped cream, obviously) and Peanut Butter Iced Mocha, with an extra shot of espresso. 

Spoons also has house-made Limonana, lemonades, and every flavor of Soda under the sun. 

Does Spoons have desserts?


There are some other delicious options- Cinnamon Yeast Cake, which pairs so well with coffee or tea. Marble Cheesecake, so rich and thick and somehow not sickly sweet. Apple Cobbler, with whipped cream and ice cream…. 

But the muffins. They are SO good. (I will admit to a serious bias here: I am obsessed with muffins.) 

Sometimes, if the stars align and the world is in your favor, they have (get ready for it…) Carrot Muffins. I KNOW. Buy one. Buy four! 

The end, I’m done. 

Final Thoughts

There are more than 10 Panini variations on the menu, and all of them pack in a ton of flavor

Spoons is a really good lunch option in Boro Park. The food is good and customizable, the staff are efficient, the food arrives quickly and the price is very good.

For our brunch of 3 apps, 2 mains, drinks and 3 muffins, we paid $103. 

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