Sauce N Cheese Review

by Frayda
basil tomato pizza with chees and sauce at Sauce N Cheese

Sauce N Cheese is a pizza parlour, with delivery options, located in Crown Heights.

The Kosher Cactus ordered from Sauce N Cheese in May of 2021, and in June of 2021, and in July of 2021, and about a hundred times in the last four years. This review was written in July of 2021.

Just so you know, Sauce N Cheese is under the Wholesome Bagel franchise. Wholesome Bagel, also located in Crown Heights, is not the subject of this article.

Where is Sauce N Cheese located?

Sauce N Cheese is right across the street from a playground

Sauce N Cheese is located at 509 Albany Avenue, between Lefferts Avenue and East New York Avenue. It sits directly across from Lefferts Avenue’s Hamilton Metz Field Park.  

You can drive- there is often parking directly in front of the pizza shop. If you don’t find anything there, there are also some spaces on Lefferts Ave. 

The shop is just 1 minute away from the B12 bus line, and a 12 minute walk (downhill!) from the 3 train at Kingston Avenue station. 

What time is the restaurant open?

12PM to 7:30, Sunday through Wednesday, 12PM to 8:30PM Thursdays. Sauce N Cheese is closed on Fridays, and is open seasonally on Saturdays from 9PM to 12AM.

What Hashgacha are they under?

The pizza shop in under the Kosher supervision of CHK Vaad Harabanim of Crown Heights. Everything is Chalav Yisrael and Pas Yisrael.

What makes Sauce N Cheese so great?

pile of garlic knots bread
Yes, there are Garlic Knots. Yes, they are delicious.

This pizza shop is incredibly simple. As well as being the fastest delivery option in Crown Heights (Pizza takes an average of 30 minutes to arrive), it is also consistently the cheapest. They also have cash-and-carry sales very often, where pizzas can reach as low as $10 per pie! 

What is the vibe at Sauce N Cheese?

Sauce N Cheese’s location is incredibly tiny. There is no indoor seating- but there are 3 tables outside.

Many of the walk-in patrons are coming from the playground across the street, and carry pizza with them to eat at the park benches.

Although it is not exactly an eat-in restaurant, Sauce N Cheese runs efficiently, and the staff are friendly and happy to serve. 

I really wish that there were picnic benches outside the shop- it would make for an exciting excursion with little kids. (Are you reading this SNC?)

What is on the menu?

First of all, Pizza. The standard sauce and cheese is certainly the most popular- the shop sells over 3000 pies a year.

These are made with machine-style efficiency. The base is rolled nice and thin so it’s crispy in the center and a little puffier at the crust. The sauce is slightly sweet (I am told this is very authentically kosher pizza, but I would not exactly know otherwise). The cheese is plentiful and gives a fairly decent stretch when you pull out a slice.

All in all, it’s a good pie. Not gourmet, but a really easy lunch or supper. 

Sauce N Cheese also serves a fairly decent greek salad. Fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta, red onions, olives and a vinaigrette dressing. The salad options are not always available. If you call about catering an event (like a birthday party), or making a large order, they can make sure you have salad options.

Broccoli Calzones are really good. If you think about it, a calzone is essentially a pizza that’s rolled into the dough, instead of on top of the dough. Anywayyyy. This one has fresh broccoli, cheese, cheese, and more cheese. The base is crispy and light, and not super thick. There are other options on the menu, but the Broccoli Calzone, in my opinion, is the best.  

What else is on the menu?

pizza with vegetable topping peppers onions crust sauce and cheese
Vegetable Pizza: fully loaded with yum.
  • Pizzas
  • Calzones
  • Falafel
  • Fries
  • Drinks
  • Pastas (Catering)
  • Salads (Catering)

How can I go off-menu at Sauce N Cheese?

If you make your order over the phone, or on their website, the restaurant can pretty much customize your pizza as you wish. Spinach? Sure! Mushroom and Ricotta? Absolutely! Pineapple? Hey, it’s a free country. 

That being said, the best creation I have ever eaten from Sauce N Cheese was pizza with jalapeno, feta cheese, black olives and mushrooms. And extra sauce (the sauce is sweet, remember?). And cheese, obviously. 

Does Sauce N Cheese serve drinks?

You can literally order every flavor soda, seltzer and vitamin water from thus pizza joint. You can also order bottled water, seltzer, and large bottles of sodas for parties.

Do they serve desserts?

Occasionally, if you are really, really lucky, Sauce and Cheese will have Zeppoles available. These are beautiful little puffs of dough, deep fried to golden, and sprinkled heavily with cinnamon sugar. I’m pretty sure they were created in heaven. 

Is Sauce N Cheese wheelchair accessible?

fried dough balls with cinnamon sugar
Its a little pocket of heaven.

There is a ramp to get up into the store front, so yes- it is wheelchair accessible. There are no seating options in the store, and no customer restrooms either. If you really gotta go, there are public restrooms in the park across the street. 

Do they have dairy-free options?

Technically, you can request a pizza without cheese. If you have a serious dairy allergy, I would not recommend eating anything- there is going to be some cross-contamination. 

Final Thoughts

Sauce N Cheese is such a simple pizza shop and I love the ease of ordering and delivery. The food is pretty good, and extremely well priced. Our last order (a plain pie, mixed fried and a coke) didn’t even reach $30. 

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